Francisco - 2014 Toyota Camry SE

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As of now my car is completely stock, I have had it for about 4 months and feel it is time to start prepping it for the build process. The car has all stock options & I'm finalizing the body work & paint corrections in order to get it into proper wrap status so that the body & paint do not intervene with the wrap progress. 
This month I will be purchasing my wheel set including but not limited to, a set of 18-19 inch wheels & low profile tires, as well as a neon kit which will be my first mods as of the purchase date. I plan to get my car bagged as well as add a few minor body modifications to go for a stanced yet sport look for the build. The car has a stock motor which I will soon modify with light engine modifications to include performance and help gain a small bit of HP before I move on to my next build. - Instagram
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